Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stitch Fix #2: Better than the first!!

So if you didn't catch my post on Facebook last month, I signed up for this really cool personal shopping thing called Stitch Fix.
As you may know, I live in the boonies. Maybe not the "official" boonies, but as someone who has never lived farther than 15 minutes from an Old Navy in their entire adult life, I consider Whitney, Tx the boonies. So as you can probably guess, the only "local" places to shop are Brookshires and the Dollar Store. And I love to shop. I could do it for hours a day, and sometimes I do (online). So when I came across the ingenious idea of Stitch Fix, I was,needless to say, immediately enthralled.
Stitch Fix is a fun little company that will assign you a personal shopper, and after you have given them your sizes, style preferences, and budget expectations, they will send you 5 items in the mail to try on. You choose which ones you would like to keep, and put the rest in a prepaid package and mail it back. That's it! I got my first one last month and I am officially obsessed. I only kept one thing (a necklace) but I gave my stylist some more tips and she definitely wowed me this month!! So of course, as the kind and loving friend that I am for all of you wonderful people, took pictures of everything for you to see! So here goes:

#1: Bay to Baubles Sauna Curved Bar Necklace
This necklace was super cute, but kind of boring. I like my jewelry to really pop, if I wear any at all, so this was not really my style,
Status: Returned

#2: Fun2Fun Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top
This shirt is totally my style. Very loose fitting (hides the mommy tummy) and I loved the hi/lo aspect. I was very intrigued by the colors. As a very pale skinned redhead, I usually steer clear of yellow and orange, but I absolutely love this top. It has wide straps so it hides my nursing tank (you know I gotta wear my nursing tank allllllll summer) and I can wear it with jeans or shorts. It transfers well into winter with a cardigan. I think it rocks.
Status: Kept

#3: Skies Are Blue Maison Mesh Trim Blouse

I am obsessed with this top.  It is so ME, and I loved it right when I opened it.  I love the wide straps at the top (once again it hides the nursing tank beautifully).  The top navy blue part is mesh, and it just has everything: texture, pattern, color...ahhhhh!!  I love it.  I can wear it with shorts this summer, or jeans, and I even wore it on Easter like this:
Status: Kept

#4: Sweet Rain Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse
This was a cool shirt, and I loved the style.  I wasn't super in love with the colors, and I have a shirt from Old Navy that is very similar to the style.  It was pretty, and fit well, but ultimately it wasn't my favorite.
Status: Returned

#5: Mavi Yasmin Skinny Jean
I didn't take a picture of myself in these jeans because I will be honest with you, I couldn't tell what was the back and what was the front.  I THINK the high part of the waist was the front (because there was a tag on the other side) but it went up above my belly button.  They looked more like jeggings, which I LOVE, but the waist line was really confusing for me.  Also they were $78 for essentially a really confusing pair of JEGGINGS.  So....no.
Status: Returned

So there you go!!  I am LOVING Stitch Fix and I am already super excited about my next fix!  It won't come until May 29th, so I may go crazy before then...but I will definitely look cute in my two new tops while I wait!!

If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, go here.  I will get the credit if you do!!  And you will LOVE it, trust me!!