Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lucy's Debut

 This is me.  Hopeful.  Ready to be induced and meet my sweet Lucy.  If only I had known at this moment how crazy and unpleasant the next two days would be...

Okay, so here's the whole story.  Sean and I went into the hospital on Monday morning, November 12 to be induced.  Me.  Not Sean.  I was one day past my due date, and the induction was kind of a last ditch effort to avoid a c-section and have a VBAC.  Dr. C wasn't going to let me go too far past my due date because the bigger she got, the less chance I would have of delivering her naturally.  Or so they say.

So I went in and they started me on pitocin, even though I wasn't dilated at all.  They wouldn't give me anything to help that along because they won't do that for VBAC patients.  Grrr.  So about 9:00 I started having contractions, far apart and not too painful.  Here I am experiencing that:

 Here are Sean and his mom making a fantasy football trade during my contractions.  The compassion in this picture is overwhelming, I know.

 So I labored for about 6 hours, and I was only at a 1.  In fact, Dr. C had to "help" me get to a 1.  It was depressing.  So we decided to stop the pitocin and start again on Tuesday, the 13th.

About 3 am on Tuesday, I was awakened by contractions.  Real ones!  I was so happy, I thought this was a sure sign that I would be able to make it through labor and delivery without a c-section.  These contractions, however, were NOT as light as the ones I had on Monday.  They were intense and I was a huge weenie about them.  I asked for an epidural after about 4 hours or so, and got it.  It was amazing.  But I could still feel my contractions.  They just didn't hurt.  Weird.

So things were progressing, the whole family was there, and it was looking good.  They broke my water when I was at a 3, then I was at a 4, a 6, and finally an 8!  I was so excited.  But then it started hurting again.  My epidural bag was empty, they got me some more.  But it still hurt.  And then the nurses started freaking out because I was bleeding...a lot.  Too much for where I was in my labor.  So they called Dr. C, and he came to check it out.

He agreed.  There was too much bleeding.  And I wasn't even fully dilated yet.  I could have had to push for hours, who knows?  So he said it was time to throw in the towel and go into surgery.  He said I could wait, but then the situation could become emergent, and if I had a uterine rupture, there was only a 50% chance I would survive, and a 50% chance Little L would survive.  That didn't seem like good odds to us, so we opted for the surgery. 

 I was bummed, but I knew this was a very real possibility, so I wasn't devastated or anything.  I did start feeling VERY sick though, right as they started the surgery.  Sooooo, I puked.  right before the picture above.  Laying down.  Into a weird round bag.  It was not my greatest moment.  The c-section was a little more uncomfortable than I remembered, but that was 3 years ago so my memories aren't very reliable I suppose.  When it was over, they tried to take a picture of all of us, but I puked again, so we had to wait a moment.  So they took tons of pictures of Lucy :)  Who looked EXACTLY like Levi did in that very room 3 years before.  Seriously, I may not remember in a few years, which baby this is:

Here is the pic they got after the puking:
After recovery, and our journey to our new room, I started feeling sick again.  This definitely did not happen last time.  So once again, I got sick laying down into a round bag.  It was awful, and no one really knew why I was getting so pukey.

Until the next day.  Dr. C came in and told me that I had lost so much blood that I was on the edge of needing a transfusion.  Thankfully, they decided to wait, and my blood count came up slightly the next day.  But not much, and I am still severely anemic.  Which = VERY TIRED.  I mean, new moms are already very tired, but this is a tiredness I have never known before.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who picks up as much slack as he can, and a very helpful Mom and sister who have offered to help.  I am blessed.

Also, Levi has been WONDERFUL.  He has had some behavior things going on, fits and such, but he is very helpful and VERY sweet with his sister.  He adores her.  Here are some quotes from the past week:

"Shhh, Lucy.  Its okay.  Big Brother's here."
 "Mommy, you can hold her, I will just sit here and protect her."
"Hey Mommy, maybe I can marry Lucy!  She's a girl!"
"I like my sister better than every other girl."

Yes.  My heart is melting daily.
 And here we all are together:
I love dressing her up and kissing her cheeks.  She is a doll, and we are so in love with both of our kiddos!

Lucy Michelle Campbell
8lbs 4oz
20 inches long
November 13, 2012

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