Monday, August 27, 2012

My son cracks me up.  Seriously, every day he says SOMETHING that just makes me laugh out loud.  Just now, as I was giving him the second half of his bagel for breakfast, he said "Woah, that's the biggest bagel I've ever SEEN!"  Just a regular bagel half.  Oh Levi.  He also told me this morning that the baby in his tummy was hurting him and making a roaring sound.  Yep.

Things are going swimmingly here at Campbell Manor.  We are LOVING the new house, seriously I think I am in love with it.  It has such an antique charm to it, but it is very "new" because of all of the updates the owners have done.  I feel like I'm living in a mansion compared to living in my parents house stuffed into two rooms.  We have TWO BATHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!  That has really come in handy since Levi is usually taking up one bathroom peeing every 5 minutes.  A pregnant lady and a two year old boy have about the same bladder space, and we would DIE with only one bathroom.  We'd at least be wet most of the day.

Sean is loving his new job too, and we are kind of a little bit like celebrities here in Whitney, Texas.  We have been in the paper as a family at least 3 times (just for moving here apparently) and Sean is in the paper LITERALLY every week in an ad for the clinic.  Everywhere we go people are like "Do I recognize you from somewhere?"  And we are like "Yep.  We are always in the paper." Haha.

I have taken up the task of making all of our cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, stain remover, etc.  It keeps me busy and makes Sean think that I'm some kind of super mom/wife when really I just copy recipes from Pinterest, and gather supplies.  It's awesome.  Levi doesn't care about any of that as long as I keep the fridge stocked with plenty of chocolate milk.  That makes me super mom to him :)

We are getting really pumped about the arrival of little Lucy, but because of Etsy and Zulilly, our budget is getting deflated day by day.  How do you have a girl and still have money for food when there are SO MANY ACCESSORIES!!!!  I am trying really hard to remember that the rest of us need clothes and other survival-type things so I don't spend all our money on bows and tights.  Yipes.  This weekend is actually the Just Between Friends sale in Fort Worth and Sean is probably going to send me with a set amount of CASH so that when its gone, its gone and I don't overdraft our account.  I'm surprised he's letting me go at all :)

We have been visiting churches down here.  *Sigh*  This is a difficult endeavor.  I was a member of first Irving for 7 or more years, and feel a little spoiled by the amazing preaching and worship we got every single week.  Small towns don't have a First Irving, that's for sure.  There are lots of wonderful little churches with tons of jewels (aka old people), but there are not many really great nursery programs or stylistic equivalents to what we are used to.  So far, we really like Cedar Creek Baptist Church, and may end up there.  They have a band with a DRUM CAGE.  This is big in Hill County, people.  There were also more kids in the nursery than just Levi, which was promising.

So that's a little update on the Campbells.  I will try and put up some random pictures in my next post.  If anyone wants to come visit us, please do!  We even have a trundle now, so our house sleeps TWO adult guests!  Think about it.

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