Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here We Go...

Okay so our computer is still not fixed, but I took some pics with Sean's phone and emailed them to myself, and am writing this on my mom and dad's computer.  It was a lot of work.  But here it is!  These are pictures of the house so far:

This room I have already posted some on Facebook, but here are some better pics:
 I had her bedding specially made because we bought a mini crib, and it turned out exactly how I wanted it!  Yay Etsy!

 My sister's old college bed, and the lovely tree my mom freehanded on the wall.  She is amazing, and I don't know what I would have done with a whole house without her.  She is so creative!  Pottery Barn kids bedding on the extra long twin.

 This is the bow holder thing I made (from a Pinterest picture, of course)  And the top of her dresser.  All the decor is pretty much from Garden Ridge for 75% off, as I mentioned in another post.  That little basket is full of my old booties and socks, which is pretty cool.  My aunt had them all :)

 My sister made one of these for Levi before he was born, and so she made one for Baby L too.  Super cute, and Levi LOVES his.

So that's Little L's room.  Here is the guest bathroom:

And here is the dining room (Mom decorated of course):

This is the entry from the living room to the dining room, one of my favorite spaces in the house.  I love it.

 Bookshelf that Mom decorated by herself:

And here is the living room

Here is where I spend most of my time....the kitchen! (Which if you know me is really weird, but it has actually been happening!)

The "Command Center" as I like to call it :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, my favorite room in the house: LEVI'S ROOM!!
 This train is above his windows/bed.

These are rain gutter book shelves from Pinterest.  Love them.

He has a random wall in his room the previous owners put up to make a huge walk in closet.  He uses it as a playroom, and it's awesome.  These are the two doors into the "playroom."

And here's the playroom with the toy box.  So fun!
And that's it, ladies and gents!  (Or as Levi would say: Ladies and Ginklemint) That's the new house!  Our room isn't finished and neither is our bathroom, so I will post those as soon as they are finished!  I could only do so much in one week :)  I am absolutely in love with this house.  Levi and I have had a ball this week...we also live right across the street from the elementary school so we have been walking to the playground every day!  We have gotten to see Daddy every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all of which Mommy has been cooking!) so Levi is in Heaven.  So far, Whitney is a huge hit, and we are all really enjoying being there together.  We are SUPER excited to add little Lucy to the mix too, it will be so fun.

Pray for us, friends, that we will make some good connections in the coming week at church and find some people we can start living life with!

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