Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Public Enemy #1

Yes folks. Get a good look at this milk crusted face. This is public enemy #1.

Don't believe me? Ask the Rushings. Or the Travis fam, Or the Pattersons x 2. Or the Campbells Senior. Their snot-soaked tissue piles will be all the evidence you need.

If you see this baby, do NOT kiss him. Do NOT pinch his chubby little cheeks, however tempting it may be. You know what? Don't even look at him. Or your tissue pile will be mountainous as well.

So Levi got RSV. Somehow. Even though this little criminal's daddy is often gone early and back late, he somehow passed it on to him. Shortly after Levi was caught coughing in his baby cousin's face, Judah received the precious gift of RSV as well. After a weekend of playing at Mimi and Pops's house, Mimi, Pops, Micah, and Aunt Rachael contracted said virus. Micah became L's parter in crime by passing it to his Patterson cousins, Sam and Ben, and they graciously shared with their parents as well.

So there are several criminals of the irresistibly cute variety out there, armed and dangerous. And their parents may be dangerous as well, for a different reason: they feel like poop and have to care for small children who feel like poop, and these children are the reason they feel like poop in the first place. This situation is wildly out of control!

But not really. It is just a stinky situation. For everyone. Even Public Enemy #1. He's feeling a tad better, but he hasn't seen Mommy or Daddy in over 24 hours, so he will be getting to the end of his brighter side fairly soon. He's definitely not used to being away from me for more than a few hours. But he'll survive. It's me that might not. I miss my little "Typhoid Mary." I'm prepared to harbor the tiny fugitive should he come back into my custody.

So seriously, I took 2 Nyquil and an Ambien before writing this so I'm not sure how long I will actually write something that makes sense. Especially because before I proofread I typed "serioulsy" and "sence" and those are not words. Not at all.

Also I wanted to support my claims that there are in fact mountains of tissues. I wanted to do this by showing you a picture. But even my camera is so grossed out by my snot tissue mountain, it will not come out of hiding to capture a shot.

Well in all honesty I fell asleep while writing this last night and fell out of my chair. On the floor! I need to go to bed earlier.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Humility, Power, and the Green Bay Packers

Here is a precious picture of the generations of Campbell men enjoying football together. Read on to hear the great Campbell/Travis/Rushing/Patterson story of the Super Bowl.

Okay, so we were so excited to take little L-man out in the snow. We thought it would be joyous and wonderful. In our new-parent visions of snow days, Levi would jump and frolic, making snowmen, snow balls and snow angels all morning long. Ahhh, but reality sets in when he only lasts 4 and 1/2 minutes and sits on the ground and cries as if we were torturing him. He did make one snow ball before he went into a full on meltdown. Here he is looking semi-happy.

So of course, the only option you have after being covered in snow against your will is to strip down to your diaper and snuggle with Dad!

And I had to add, that on this particular snow day, Levi decided to take up photography as a hobby. This is his first expression of himself through art:

I have to say, not bad for a tiny, uncoordinated baby. In fact, I say it is quite artistic.

So let me tell you about the best Super Bowl ever. As you may know, my father is a die-hard, sweat and tears, winning or losing, share-holding, cheese hat-wearing, green and gold Packer fan. Throughout the many years of disappointing football, he has supported them faithfully. Farve or no Farve, playoff games or epic fails, regardless of the climate of the NFL, my dad will not give up on the Pack. Never ever.

So of course, as you can assume, this was a big day for him. And we HAD to have a Super Bowl party. (Well actually we wanted to send him to the game SO BADLY. But 2200 dollars a seat just isn't realistic, Mr. Jones! It is outrageous. That's what it is) So because actually attending was just not going to happen, we decided to have a party at my parents house.

Now the back story. My in laws are die-hard Cowboy fans. We have watched games together before, and there was much trash-talk and gnashing of teeth. But we wanted so badly for all of the family to be together. So we set it up. We made it happen and my in-laws came ready to support my dad. They came through BEAUTIFULLY! At one point, the entire room was chanting "GO PACK GO!" I was so touched by how supportive they were of my dad and his team. I married into the BEST family in the world. Except maybe for the family Sean married into :) Here is a picture my mom took in the middle of the festivities.

And here's a secret: I am so relieved that the Pack came through, because I think my father would have imploded and caused a giant black hole in the universe had the outcome been different. More than once I thought we were doomed. Ahhh, but if for grace!

And of course, Micah and Levi could care less about the game, but they learned so much about sharing! Oh, isn't it fun to teach your children how to share? Man. We are sinful and selfish from birth, for sure. But how deep is the Father's mercy! Here they are reading a book together. Love. Them.

Also, my sweet baby nephew Judah was dedicated to the Lord by his precious parents last Sunday. They were asked to choose "Godly influences" for their children, somewhat similar to a God parent. These people were committing to praying for the child and influencing them throughout their lives for the Gospel. I was honored, and humbled to stand on stage and make that commitment to my sister, brother in law and sweet baby Judah. We also got to pray over him. What an honor. Mmmm.

As for me, I am being refined. And it is powerful, and painful, and wonderful. I feel like the Lord has put two words heavy on my heart lately, and working through them has been difficult and freeing.

The first thing I feel like He is putting before me is humility. So many verses of Scripture jumped out at me as I read, calling me to humility. At first I was confused, because I understood humility as the opposite of pride. And my understanding of pride was that the prideful think they are more important, or better than everyone else. And that isn't me. If anything, I think EVERYONE is better than me. My insecurities consume me sometimes. They affect how I dress, how I behave, even how I worship sometimes. So surely I don't struggle with pride.

Ohhhhh. This part hurts. The Lord spoke clearly to me. He laid on my heart that pride isn't always thinking you are better or more important than other people. It's when your thoughts are consumed with YOU and not the interests of others.

My insecurity prohibits me from exhibiting true humility. Humility isn't feeling badly about yourself. Humility is being consumed with the interests of others. It is loving Jesus so much, that you love His church, His people more than you love yourself. When I am consumed with whether or not I am doing the right thing, saying the right thing, worshipping the right way, wearing the right clothes I am focused on ME ME ME! That is not humility. That is the sneaky, ugly pride that masquerades as humility. And I am so glad that I serve a God that doesn't let the sneaky, ugly sin hide in the darkness. He brings everything to light and frees us from the bondage of those sneaky, ugly sins. I desire humility.

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom." Proverbs 11:2

Since this post is ridiculously long, I will share about POWER in my next post! If you catch me in my pride, call me out in the name of Jesus! Speak Truth with power over me, friends! I will respond in humility :)