Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did that happen, or was it a dream?

Okay, so 7 is too early to take my meds. Thank you Jared, Shane, Natalie, Nate, and of course precious Sean for putting up with/carrying me last night. That was rough.

Speaking of Natalie and Nate (the Hissins), I want to publicly say on my blog that you two are amazing. I won't share all of the reasons you are so amazing for two reasons: Natalie might pee her pants from embarrassment, and I won't steal your reward in Heaven by giving it to you here (see Matthew ch 6). But I do want you to see in front of everyone that I am so incredibly grateful to you two for all you have done for Sean and Levi and me. You have blessed our family beyond belief. If you aren't friends with Nate and Natalie, you should be :)
Here's a video of Levi saying thank you to the Hissins.
In case you can't understand him, the first think he says is Nate, and then you can probably hear me telling him the rest. :)


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