Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Public Enemy #1

Yes folks. Get a good look at this milk crusted face. This is public enemy #1.

Don't believe me? Ask the Rushings. Or the Travis fam, Or the Pattersons x 2. Or the Campbells Senior. Their snot-soaked tissue piles will be all the evidence you need.

If you see this baby, do NOT kiss him. Do NOT pinch his chubby little cheeks, however tempting it may be. You know what? Don't even look at him. Or your tissue pile will be mountainous as well.

So Levi got RSV. Somehow. Even though this little criminal's daddy is often gone early and back late, he somehow passed it on to him. Shortly after Levi was caught coughing in his baby cousin's face, Judah received the precious gift of RSV as well. After a weekend of playing at Mimi and Pops's house, Mimi, Pops, Micah, and Aunt Rachael contracted said virus. Micah became L's parter in crime by passing it to his Patterson cousins, Sam and Ben, and they graciously shared with their parents as well.

So there are several criminals of the irresistibly cute variety out there, armed and dangerous. And their parents may be dangerous as well, for a different reason: they feel like poop and have to care for small children who feel like poop, and these children are the reason they feel like poop in the first place. This situation is wildly out of control!

But not really. It is just a stinky situation. For everyone. Even Public Enemy #1. He's feeling a tad better, but he hasn't seen Mommy or Daddy in over 24 hours, so he will be getting to the end of his brighter side fairly soon. He's definitely not used to being away from me for more than a few hours. But he'll survive. It's me that might not. I miss my little "Typhoid Mary." I'm prepared to harbor the tiny fugitive should he come back into my custody.

So seriously, I took 2 Nyquil and an Ambien before writing this so I'm not sure how long I will actually write something that makes sense. Especially because before I proofread I typed "serioulsy" and "sence" and those are not words. Not at all.

Also I wanted to support my claims that there are in fact mountains of tissues. I wanted to do this by showing you a picture. But even my camera is so grossed out by my snot tissue mountain, it will not come out of hiding to capture a shot.

Well in all honesty I fell asleep while writing this last night and fell out of my chair. On the floor! I need to go to bed earlier.

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