Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ohhh, so he's THAT kid.

Yes, my friends. He IS that kid. And he is not ashamed. Nor am I. Be free, beloved child. Free to pick your nose in public no matter what the consequence. Social norms have no power over you. Outcast or not, your nasal passages will remain unobstructed!

And thanks for brightening an otherwise dull family picture. You are a rock star.

But seriously, I hope Levi always remembers to be exactly who he is, unashamedly. He has a big personality, and I hope he holds onto it.

Here he is, trying to French kiss his cousin Micah. And Micah is trying to bite his face off. This photo belongs in National Geographic! Ahh, the memories. These two are already best friends. They each carry around a picture of each other and kiss and hold the picture. Levi put his in his super secret hideout in his room. (Behind the changing table in the hole where the diaper genie goes. Don't tell him I know where it is.)

He has recently learned to say "Help," which comes out "Hup," and "taco" which is "tah-oh." His favorite words are "Ya-Ya," "Cot," (Uncle Scott), "Papa", "Mama", "Dah-dih", and "Uh-oh." He also loves to ride in his new red wagon, and anytime he sees it he says "Papa walk!" He is also a good baby, and really takes care of me when I am so sick I can't get off the couch. I love him. He is brave and independent, and has a smile that melts my heart. I mean, look at this smile:

I love being your mommy, Levi Travis Campbell! You are precious to me!

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