Friday, January 21, 2011

The Little Things

Okay, so I am convinced that God chose me to be Levi's mommy for many reasons. I don't know all of them. But I feel like many of them are for my own benefit, rather than his. That little boy punches me in the stomach with more conviction than I can keep up with! Every day I feel like he is teaching me something else about my faith and God's desire for my relationship with Him.

Example #1: Like I wrote in my last post, my son has a love for the stories and words of God in scripture that even I envy. He is passionate about listening to the Word. Every night he wants to hear a story about "Seesus." He looks forward to it, tries to
make his time in the Word come faster. He has listened to the entire Jesus Storybook Bible 3 times. Somehow of all the books in his little library, he know
s this one is different, and he delights in it. Oh how I long for his delight in the Word.

Example #2: A few afternoons ago, my mom and sister and I were eating at a cute little tea room in Haltom City called Sipliciteas at Lonestar Antiques with Levi and Baby Judah. The first thing we did was ask for some crackers for the L-man because he gets crazy without something to play with or eat. As soon as he got is crackers he started whining loudly and reaching across the table for me. After we tried to shush him, he reached out his h
and again and bowed his head. He was reminding us that not even his hunger or desire to play was more important than being grateful for the Giver of all good things. Now, we do pray before every meal when we are out with my family. He has seen it many times. But he wasn't joining in a prayer. He was demanding that we stop and thank God. Now, I know that my son doesn't know exactly what he is doing. I know that his understanding is
extremely limited. But that doesn't change what Abba Father is using him to show me. He speaks loudly and clearly through my child.

"Through the praise of children and infants You have esta
blished a stronghold against Your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger." Psalm 8:2

Those are very profound things he teaches me about loving God. About passionate desire for Him.

But my precious Levi also teaches me through his disobedience. He is so strong willed. Which means he will be a powerful leader...if I can reign it in a bit.
The other day I was playing with him in the living room, and he said "Bye bye mama," and went in his room. I watched him go down the hall and start playing with some toys. Now I try and always keep his door open when he's in there, even if he wants to play alone. He always tries t
o shut it. But usually I am able to foil all of his attempts. But this particular day, he evaded my intervention. He shut the door. I could hear him giggle after it closed, he was so happy! He had been wanting to shut that door as long as he could remember. And then, after his brief moment of victory, he realized he was alone. Closing the door had separated us. He couldn't see me, and he panicked. That hard-headed little stinker started cryi
ng out to me and pounding his little fists on the door. I empathized with him in that moment. I have felt that very same way. I have closed the door on my Jesus to keep Him from seeing what I was doing. And in the midst of my disobedience I realize that I can't see Him. I realize that I'm alone, that it has separated us and I panic. And His mercy reaches out to me as I cry out and po
und on the door.

So wow, one little bitty one year old has definitely brought to light so many spiritual truths. He is a little ball of conviction, and a picture of forgiveness and mercy.

Especially when he gets drunk on milk and picks his nose.
or wears my underwear as a tie.


Whitney Rushing said...

I love those little chunky legs!

Sarah Rogers said...

Jenny...your little boy is hilarious...and having you and Sean as parents, why wouldn't he be...but are so right...God can definitely use so many things, big and leaders, 1 year old little boys to teach us so many things. Thanks for always sharing what you've learned with all of us! It's a good reminder to always be listening and watching everything around us and see what God will use to teach us next! Miss you!