Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Little Boy...

Is almost 1 year old! He is so fun, and so BUSY!! As you can see, he is in to EVERYTHING, and he just loves it. I'm loving all of his "firsts," but it is so sad to see my baby disappear and this new big boy emerge! Saturday he had a Chick-fil-a kids meal with an apple juice box (he totally used the straw!), today at lunch he had a cheese quesadilla with rice and beans, and for dinner he had chicken nuggets and diced peaches. Crazy.

We are planning his Rock Star Birthday Party, and it is going to be cuh-razy! Don't miss it :)

Please pray friends, for my health and for Sean's stress. We are desperately trying to enjoy richly the joy God has given us in this season of life, but we are struggling under the weight that He is allowing us to carry. We know that He is faithful to carry us through, and that His love for us transcends the difficulties of our earthly lives. But we are finding our souls downcast more often than we would like these days. Pray that we would be able to put our hope in God. I want to trust Him, but the Enemy is attacking fiercely, trying to get me to believe the lie that God has no plan for my illness, and that my suffering is purposeless and endless. And Sean is carrying the enormous weight of his burdens and mine.

But the "prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." The Lord longs to be gracious to us! And to you, friends! Praise Him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dearest Blog Readers,

Please do not give up on me. I am very busy. Baby, work, serving at church, baby, laundry, dishes, CARES, baby, work, work, work, work, baby see what I mean? And add on top of this a body that refuses to work correctly, causing a visit to the doctor at least once a week. Yipes, friends! I need prayer! PRAISE THE LORD for the husband God hand-picked for me. I could not do it without him.

Pictures of L-man to come soon.