Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Campbell Family Summer Part 1

Well I am finally making good on my promise to actually update you, friends, on what is going on in our lives! This is only the first 1/2 of summer, of course, since the other half has yet to happen. In light of that, it would be difficult, to say the least, for me to tell you about it. But what HAS happened so far is wonderful! Honestly, friends, the Campbell's had a rough spring semester. And before I tell you about the joy of summer for us, let me paint a picture of the journey the Father has taken us on in order to bring us to this place.

So as most of you know, I have multiple sclerosis, and it is commonly known in the MS world that women who have it feel GREAT during pregnancy, but have serious risk of relapse during postpartum. Unfortunately I did relapse pretty severely. I started getting extreme fatigue, and chronic headaches again, as well as painful spasms in my neck and back that were almost debilitating. I struggled (and let me tell you that it is not easy to share this openly, but I feel like not doing it would be keeping the rescuing power of Christ a secret along with my struggle) with severe postpartum depression about 3 months after L was born. I felt completely hopeless and discouraged, as well as frustrated and angry about going back to work, not being with him, and Sean going back to school.

And friends, there is no room for hopelessness in the heart of the redeemed!

So we knew that something wasn't right, and thankfully my precious husband did everything to take care of the problem before I gave up. Which is pretty heroic of him, considering I took none of it out on Levi, but ALL OF IT out on Sean. I am so grateful that he is committed to loving me and taking care of me, because if he wasn't, he would have been out the door in a second. It was pretty bad.

"And He said, 'O greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, yes, be strong!'
So when he spoke to me I was strengthened." Daniel 10:19

So we got help from the doctor, yes. But MY help comes from the Lord. He is my strength and my song forever. As the song says "You calm my raging seas, You walk with me through fire, and heal all my disease!"

And here we arrive at summertime. I am home with my precious boy, and we get to spend every waking moment together if we so choose! And we do, most of the time. So here is what we have done so far!

Levi's very first time to swim! He had on his new swimsuit, and swam in his new baby pool that Gigi gave him! Sadly, he tried to move, slipped, and fell face first into the water, and then he was finished. We told him not to panic like Krystal tells the Billups girls, but he cried anyway :)

And we went camping with the fabulous Cassels' at Cedar Hill State Park. This was our living situation:

Don't be deceived by the tent, we had air mattresses and our tent had a fan in it. But hey, I roughed it a LITTLE bit :)

Making dinner on our first night. It was HOOOOOOOOOT

Chris and I were trying to catch a sick looking caterpillar for Savannah in that bottle, but he was much smarter than he looked, you would be surprised. However, we were victorious over this unnaturally intelligent caterpillar, and were so excited that we high fived it up:

Then we went swimming at the "beach" area with the dogs, who were not PERMITTED, but PROHIBITED. Convenient misread, Michelle...

The next day, after my sweltering mid-morning nap, we went swimming in a different spot. We had to jump off of a CLIFF first, but we got down there. It was kind of like our own private island, and the puppies came swimming with us. Not sure what I'm holding, but I promise that none of my electronics jumped in this time...

Aren't we precious? Savannah was obviously preoccupied, but this is the only one we were all in that my camera captured.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand (drum roll please....) Here is my fish! I was the only one on the trip that night to catch a fish! Apparently pink fishing poles are excellent at catching fish. And I wasn't even CLOSE to quiet the whole time. I talked it up big time.
Honestly it was disgusting.

The sad part about this extremely victorious day, was that Sean did throw it back. He said it was too little to eat, and so legally you HAVE to, but I was really wanting to mount it on a plaque and hang it up in our house some where. I mean, compared to ME, I think it is a perfectly adequate size...

And in other news, my parents got an above ground bathtub, er, pool at their house! It is super fun for lounging in, and we have been swimming several times in it.
Here is L with Grandpa right after we got our first look at the new pool. Interesting fact: If Grandpa is in the room, Levi will not, under any circumstances, consent to be held by anyone else. I don't know what it is about my dad, but he is L's favorite person in the world, even over ME! And I'm offended, as you can tell from the following picture.

Our latest adventure this summer was making Father's Day presents for the wonderful patriarchs of the Campbell/Travis family. We made shirts for them, and said shirts had a messy requirement:
But they turned out great! Cousin Micah helped us with the gray one for Pops, and I only got pics of that on Rachael's camera, but it was pretty funny.

So there you have it. We have been busy! And I pray fervently that we are glorifying God with our lives, as He has brought this little family out of the pit!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scary, isn't it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be comparing my child to a character on a board game in which the people do not even have bodies. Or that the person I would be comparing him to would be a bald fatty, which admittedly is in line with little L's appearance at this point in his life. Ahh, how proud I am posting this. Every parent's dream.

I just wanted to share with you, dear friends. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have some pictures I wanted to post, and I have lost my camera. Not that many of the pictures I want to post are actually ON my camera. It turns out Sean and I get a game foul for our inability to master picture taking at major life events. We are notorious (seriously, you might have already read about this on the internet) for not bringing our camera to family functions, or new beginnings for our precious child. In fact, if it weren't for my ever prepared sister in law, we would not have pictures of Levi's birth. This is real, folks. But I can look up pictures of random Guess Who? characters on the internet for all I am worth. Don't worry people. Yeesh.

Well I will post lots more soon (I know you will probably hold your breath, right?) to let you know about the giant humongous fish I caught with my pink fishing pole, as well as Levi's adventures in the pool and many more fantastical Campbell shenanigans. You know you can't wait...