Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fishing? Me?

Okay, so in an effort to affirm my husband and sustain some semblance of recreational companionship in our marriage, I have purchased a fishing pole. That's right, folks. A FISHING pole. And although it is pink and shiny, and my lures are pink and shiny, I am still a wee bit uncertain about this new endeavor. Perhaps it is because of the scars I have from my fishing past.

When I was a youngster, somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10, my dad took my little sister and me fishing with a friend of his. I was so excited. As most of you who read this blog probably know, when I am excited about something, I am quite loquacious about my excitement. Ok, the truth is I won't shut up about it. And I didn't shut up about it on this particular fishing trip as per my usual. Here is where the damage to my psyche was done: My dad said to me, "You are talking too much. You are scaring the fish away and that is why we aren't catching anything." !!!!!!! I'm sorry, what kind of a horrible hobby doesn't allow TALKING???? I refused from that day forth to support an activity such as fishing that requires you to "shut it" in order to have an adequate skill level.

Not only that, but I caught a beautiful little catfish, and what did my dad do? He threw it right back in the water! I was quiet for a LONG time to catch that fish! That was NO easy task for a grade-school chatty cathy, friends!

But alas, I married a man who loves to fish. He will do it rain or shine, cloudy, cold, muggy. He is like a postal worker when it comes to fishing. And he wants nothing more than for his young, able-bodied wife to fish WITH him. So...back to my pink shiny fishing pole. It really is lovely. And as soon as Sean gets out of school in 2 weeks, he will expect that fishing pole to be utilized. We even practiced casting and reeling (or whatever the heck you call it when you flick the pole and the wire goes out, and then you turn the handle thingy and it comes back) in the yard outside our apartment. For real. A friend actually SAW this from the freeway. Oh geez.

So pray for me, dear friends. It is going to kill me to shut up and be quiet but I will honor my husband with my fishing etiquette. For that is all the Lord requires of me.