Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, I didn't even know you ate that!

Levi is sick. Not like "Oh no, my baby has a fever of 99.9" sick. Really sick. Last night, I heard him wake up (We are staying at my parents and I was on the computer in the next room) and start crying. This happens some times because he gets all confused about where he is sleeping since we go from Mom's house to home and back. Normally, I just let him cry a little and he soothes himself and goes back to sleep. On this fateful night, however, he did not go back to sleep. He was coughing a lot, like a gagging sound, so I stuck my head in, and he was sitting up, but he was breathing so I left him in there. After about 10 minutes, I decided just to go to bed and put him in bed with me. When I entered the room, I was accosted by a smell I have not smelled before. Ever. I thought to myself "Self, he must have poo pooed a LOT and it leaked everywhere. Don't panic, we have walked this road before."

But we had NOT walked this road before, y'all.

As I approached the pack 'n play, I saw it. Chunky. Multi-colored. Sticky. EVERYWHERE. Yes, friends. It was puke. PUKE! And we are not talking baby spit up "Ew it's yucky!" My child had blown serious, real, grown up cookies. And to make matters worse, he had laid down in it and coated his right side thoroughly. Puke in his hair, puke on his jammies, puke in his ears, puke on Stinky Bear, puke on the blankets. Not a single element of L's sleeping space was untouched by the sheer volume of vomit he had up-chucked.

I hate to admit what went through my head at that moment. For a split second, I debated whether or not to pick him up. Mercy, Lord! Oh how children challenge your selfishness!

Well, I did pick him up. Right now I have a hard time walking when I am just carrying my own weight, so I had to hold him closely in order to keep from dropping him. And bless his heart, he laid his vomit-coated head right on my shoulder and nuzzled into my hair. And you know what? The grace of the Lord covered me and I did not throw him down!

I did, however, call out for my parents. This was around 10:00, and they were already in bed, but they were awake, watching TV. They both came running, and whisked L away to a warm bath. Mom scrubbed him raw as Dad played with him to distract him. I stripped down and borrowed another T-shirt from my mom's closet. The truth is, after all the scrubbing, he still STANK, people. That stuff wasn't going down without a fight! But we were victorious. Praise Him.

Dad ended up sleeping on the couch while Levi and I took his side of their bed. Mom and I did not sleep. We tried giving him some water/juice, and he threw that up, with one tiny chunk of the hamburger he ate yesterday. Then he threw up another strange liquid. Then he dry heaved. I was bawling. It is HORRIBLE seeing your child so sick. And every time he threw up, he cried and reached out for me. Ohhhhhh, it is so painful! You just want to make it better and you can't.

Well, he hasn't thrown up since 2 am or so, and that's good, but he also has only had 1 wet diaper. We finally got him to take 1 1/2 bottles of pedialyte and a few bites of a saltine cracker. He won't take a popsicle, or jello, and I won't give him anything else yet.

Well, I'm sure you are so pleased about reading every little detail of Levi's first vomit experience, right? I may write a book. This material is good.

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him." Psalm 127:3


Nancy said...

What a good writer you are, Jenny!!!
So descriptive!
I was there with you!

Really, you are so dear.
So honest.

I wish I'd had a blog to read like yours when I was young.... with young'uns.

It would have help me get perspective!!


Love you.

Ashley Michelle said...

Oh Jenny, I know exactly how you feel! We went through this same thing with Colton not very long ago, and my little angel ended up getting every last member of my immediate family sick! It was awful... not just because we were sick, but because you feel so helpless not being able to make your baby better!

When Colton finally started acting interested in food/juice again, we gave him lots of applesauce and bananas. We actually went back down the baby food road until he was back at 100%. We also gave him G2 (very watered down) because the apple and pear and grape juice was too acidic for him... My child has to have some flavor so thats why we used the G2. He also finally started drinking the pedialyte and that helped tons!

Good luck and I hope your little one feels better VERY soon!