Monday, October 25, 2010

My Little Pumpkin is ONE!

This is Levi on his birthday. He is obviously very excited about it. I made him that little star, just for funsies. Because I am ill, we didn't really get to do much on his birthday, but we did take him to Chick-Fil-A so he could play in the play place. I think he probably enjoyed it just as much as he would have enjoyed any other birthday celebrations we might have had :)

Grandpa was definitely the main attraction. "Grandpa, what are we still doing sitting here when there is fun happening in the playplace??!?!?"

Mommy and Levi playing together. Actually, as you can see, he just wanted to play. He could have taken me or left me.

Lovin on Gigi and Grandpa :)

Lovin' on Mommy and Daddy!

More lovin' on Mommy! I can't get enough of his sweet kisses!

Okay, so let me tell you about my big one-year-old and all that he can do:
1. He has taken steps. Yes, friends, about a week or two before his birthday he took his first step. Sean was there, and so were our good friends Chris and Michelle. So far he has taken 6 consecutive steps at a time, but he averages about 2 or three before he gives up usually. Let's face it, crawling is so much faster for now!
2. He is quite the talker. He says Mama, Dadda, Gigi, Papa, Ya ya, ball and bubble. And lots of gibberish. But he mostly says ball. Ball ball ball ball ball. And he can spot a ball-shaped object from miles away. The kid is definitely going to be into sports.
3. Speaking of balls, he loves to play with them and throw them. Soccer balls, bouncy balls, footballs, whatever he can get his hands on. He even loves my mom's giant exercise ball. He can roll them back and forth with us, and sometimes he just throws it and goes and gets it over and over. He is special.
4. He still growls. We took him to a wedding and he growled through the whole thing. I was embarrassed, but he sure wasn't!
5. He eats 3 meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner, and eats whatever we are eating usually. I am starting to order him his own food at restaurants. He loves juice boxes and using straws.
6. He is so happy. The kid smiles and smiles, and laughs and laughs. As long as we get our 2 naps a day, we are good to go!
7. He is still sleeping 10-12 hours at night, and taking 2 naps a day. When we visit other people's houses he struggles a little, but we are definitely not complaining about this kiddos sleeping patterns!
8. He still loves Papa more than anyone. Who knows what Dad has that the rest of us are obviously lacking, but he is the man in Levi's eyes. Here they are watching the Green Bay game in their jerseys.
9. Random fact: He loves my sister's bellybutton. Hmm. I know this is weird, and none of us understand, but he just loves it. I think he is hoping he can pull his little cousin out of there...
10. He is so intuitive. This whole health issue that our family has been struggling with has really affected him. He wants Mama all the time, and is always wanting to snuggle me (which of course I don't mind :) Any time anyone tries to take my blood pressure, or give me a shot or anything, he FREAKS out. My mom put a brown wash cloth on my head the other day because I was really flushed, and he screamed at her, crawled over and yanked it off. He inspected it, and then gave it back, but it really upset him and he would leave my side after that. Poor baby, he is so protective right now.

So that's my baby! He is such an absolute joy. I am so so so so proud and happy that God has given me the opportunity and responsibility of being his mommy. I have never loved anything that God has called me to more than I love "wife and mommy." Those two boys are the lights of my life!

I will post an update tomorrow about what is going on with my health. I will say that it is not favorable, but Sean and I trust the Lord and we are petitioning him for healing. We know that He is mighty to heal, mighty to save. Know, friends, that the Enemy will not be victorious in convincing us that we walk alone, or that we have no hope. The Father is purposeful and intentional. We trust Him. We will continue to trust Him no matter what.

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