Monday, October 18, 2010

Levi's Birthday party! EG: A much less depressing post.

(Kiddos decorating guitars that I spent forever cutting out. We had glitter, markers, star spangles, and paint. Also, this was a "backstage area" where the kids could spray color and glitter in their hair, use glitter makeup, and choose as many tattoos as their bodies could possibly handle. These activities proved to be a HUGE hit.)

So I definitely gave birth to a super-star stud, as my son proved at his Rock n Roll, Rock Star Birthday party. I have never in my life seen a more handsome, suave, smooth, ladies man of a one year old in my LIFE. No lie. Ask anyone who was there. Here he is with one of his girlfriends, Madeline:
Madeline babysits him sometimes, and she is FABULOUS. I have her info if you live near Arlington and need someone.

And here is his his Rock Star birthday cake! Carrie made it, my precious friend who watches Levi while I am at work. She is AMAZING. Mom picked out the candles, they were great.

Carrie also made this cake, the guitar was white cake, and this one was chocolate. They were both delicious.
Here was the cake table. Since I was really sick this weekend, my mom, Nicole Miller, Emily Dennis, my mother-in-law, and my sister in law did all of this. Sean and Jay (Nicole's sweet husband) inflated all the balloons.

Inside the bags were star sun glasses, guitar bubble necklaces, several music-makers, and lots of candy. They were so fun. Also, you can see that L came home with lots of loot.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, we had a clown. A FULL SERVICE clown, even. He did balloon animals AND a magic show! (This is actually Mike, Sean's friend from PA school. He did a magic show and balloon animals at his own daughter's first birthday party about 2 months ago, and we claimed our own show before we even left her party, haha) He was a big hit.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was a lot going on!

This is the Hyde family. They are amazing. Let me just tell you that since Sean has been in school, John and Shelley have been so supportive of both of us, always there as friends and helpers. We are so lucky to know them. They went by and picked up all the pizza from Ninos, and then spent the whole party making cotton candy in the kitchen. Servants, I tell you. I want to grow up and be more like them.

Levi and another girlfriend of his, Katelyn. Her daddy is the clown. And her mommy is a dear friend. They also have been so supportive and have really been there for us through PA school. John and Mike really help hold Sean up through all of this.

PS, Katelyn is 2 months older than L, and everytime they hang out, Levi gains new skills. She may look super-dainty, but she is a rock star for sure.

Here is a family pic with the entertainment! Funny story, Carrie's youngest kiddo, Camrie, refused to come in the room until the clown had vacated the premises. Even after he wiped off his makeup, she still stared at him warily.

And here is our cake picture. Honestly, most of it was on the floor, and Levi was highly uninterested in it. I had to pretty much shove it in his face to get this pic. Notice how the white shirt is virtually untouched by the bright orange and red frosting. What can I say, my kid is a veggie-lover, not a cake-lover. How sad for me.

Opening presents with Papa. Levi pretty much established from the beginning that if he was going to do what we wanted him to do, he was going to do it with my dad. Or not at all. And what the birthday boy wanted, he got!

Aunt Sara's awesome gift. He spent the rest of Saturday pushing the empty container around the room like a car. If he came across one of the blocks, he would put it in, but he was more interested in the box. Figures.

It was amazing. We had hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, fruit punch, tea, water, cake, presents, guitar-decorating, rock-star primping, balloons, and LOTS of fun! The party was definitely an expectation-surpassing experience. And this coming Saturday, my little 7 lb 2 oz baby boy will be a big, 21 lb 13 oz ONE YEAR OLD. I love him, people. I love him so much. And no matter what EVER happens, I will always love him.

Next week I will post all of the updates about what he can do and who he is right now at 1. I know you are dying to hear it all :)

Also, I want to thank all of my sweet friends who read and commented on my blog and on Facebook this week. I am overwhelmed by your love and support. And I am equally overwhelmed that I serve a God who's tenderness and compassion for me moves in you to pour out his love and blessing on me through your words. Oh how He loves me, friends! And I am covered in it!

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Melissa Murrell said...

I love this post and all of the sweet pictures! And it brought back some fantastic memories of Joshua's 1 year old party in that very room!