Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Costumes, Heroes, and Other Joys of my Heart

Doesn't look like Levi? That's because it it not Levi...yet. But he will be donning this precious little costume in t-minus 2 weeks and 3 days. That is right, friends, Levi is going to be the heartless little Tin Man for Halloween. (Or as my "Wicked" friends would know him, the boyfriend of the Wicked Witch of the East.) We have aquired the costume already at a little sale some of you might have heard of: The Just Between Friends Sale. 8 dollars. No Lie.
So I needed a costume to go along. Grown ups don't have JBF sales. Thus we don't have the funds to purchase an adult costume. Hmmm, time to be creative! So I made this little number:

Those are some seriously glittery shoes, the picture doesn't do them justice. And they took a whole bottle of red glitter. But they are a dream. I am super excited to don them.

And unfortunately, I see this in Sean's future:

But much more "thrift shoppy." Because that's how we roll.

On another note, I have become fascinated with a new show. (Sitting on your bottom all day with an IV in your arm will get you experimenting with new shows.) It is called Heroes, and apparently it has been on for several seasons now.

I, however, have just discovered it. It is wonderful. But it is one of those shows that you have to pay attention when you watch because it can be really confusing. Lots of surprises. But I am prone to become addicted to shows that involve special abilities, magic, and Japanese men stopping time and moving through space. I suppose it is a weakness I will carry with me always :)

And the final, and most splendiferous joy of my life:

I bet you could have guessed that :)


Ashley Michelle said...

that little boy has a PRECIOUS, heart-melting smile! you are one lucky mommy!

stacia mikele said...

He's looking so handsome. I love fall, photos, costumes and babies, so this is just perfect!