Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Fun!

First stop on our fun fall journey: Levi's first camping trip! This little guy is definitely an outdoorsman. Very first order of business for the L-man: eating mucho mucho rocks and dirt. He loved it.
The tent was like a whole new fabulous world for him. He even took a nap in it, and when it was over, I saw his little face poking out from the opening I left, haha.

Sean definitely built this fire with ONE MATCH. I married a stud.

Levi decided that he would choose this trip to assert his independence. He wanted his OWN chair, people!

We went with Tim and Elisa Stamps, and their sweet daughter Sahara. Sahara is 2, and can obviously walk, which Levi cannot do, much to his disdain. He wanted so badly to walk, so we helped him a little bit :)

They were precious together. They are going to be great friends!
Looking at the fish while the daddy's were fishing.

Probably the sweetest part was watching my boys fish together. Levi absolutely loved sitting with Daddy by the water and holding the pole. I can't wait to see how these two bond in the future.

Here is a group pic of everyone on Saturday night. That's Tim, Elisa and Sahara on the left, us in the middle, and Chris, Michelle and Savannah on the right. They joined us for the afternoon and evening on Saturday. It was such a sweet time of fellowship with friends around the campfire, and I felt renewed as I lay in the tent that night. Praise the Lord for sweet friends.

Our next stop: the pumpkin patch! On Sunday, Levi had an appointment with another sweet friend of mine, Sarah Carlson for pictures at the patch! She did a fabulous job, and we snapped a couple of pictures along the way.
He loved riding the tractor, he got to do it twice.

He also got to pick his own pumpkin! We were cracking up because he kept rolling the pumpkins away from himself, off of the benches, hay stacks, anywhere he could.
And there he is with his pumpkin :) What an absolute joy this little guy is to me, and to his daddy. Every day I am more in love with him, more captivated by him. God has given me the most precious gift in him, and I am desperate to be faithful as I raise him. I pray that Levi would see Christ in me, that he would know Jesus and Him crucified. What a weighty responsibility!

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