Monday, April 26, 2010

Levi's 1/2 Birthday!

Oh my gosh, y'all, I cannot believe I am even writing this post! My sweet little 7 pound 2 oz baby boy is now a huge 17-18 pound big boy! Friday was is half-birthday, and he is officially 6 months old. And surprisingly, I am not sad at all. He is the most wonderfully beautiful, perfect little thing I have ever laid eyes on. And I love every new stage more than the last! And I know that I have not posted monthly about how he is growing and changing, because let's face it: I am not on the ball with my blog. But I thought that this would be the perfect time for those of you who don't get to see him often enough (seriously I know it is painful) to catch up on the little man. So here goes:1. Levi has always been super content. He has his moments, of course, but generally the kid will go with any flow you throw at him. He gets passed around and around all week and just smiles and laughs and loves on everyone he stays with. We have figured out that we can put him in his exersaucer and he will play contently for hours.2. He thinks that he is hilarious. He is pretty sure that when he pees on me while I am changing him that he is funny enough to be on the Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. And he seriously laughs THAT hard. He also thinks it is hilarious to make funny noises and toot. Such a boy. As for laughing at OTHER people, he is super ticklish on his ribs and tummy, and especially on the inside of his leg. That can REALLY get him going.3. He fake laughs a lot. I haven't really figured this one out, but it is kind of a choking sound actually. His face is smiling, but his breath sounds trapped. Who knows what this is. Maybe its for my benefit because he feels bad that I am painfully un-funny.4. He loves solid food and will eat almost anything. His favorites are prunes, sweet potatoes and apples. Anytime we try something new, he makes a disgusted face and acts like he doesn't like it, but then he eats the whole container. He definitely likes to eat. He also LOVES to chew on lemons, which is disgusting. He is still unsure about foods mixed together such as fruit and oatmeal, berry medley, and pears and squash, but we will get there.5. He sits up for long periods of time now. Especially if you put a really fun toy in front of him that he can grab. He does randomly throw his head back though, so a pillow behind him is a must. And although he will sit, he prefers to stand and will try this at every opportunity.
6. He has started pulling his head and legs up when he is laying on his back, almost as if he is doing an ab workout. It is hilarious. He does it over and over, the kid must already have a six-pack.7. We are working on crawling, but he pretty much just wants to roll over. He hasn't quite mastered the idea of getting on his hands and knees; he suspends them in the air while only his tummy rests on the floor. He looks like he is skydiving, but he isn't going to get anywhere doing that...
8. He has his first tooth! After 4 MONTHS of teething, the first one finally popped out. It's little tip is barely visible, but it is sharp as a knife! I am SO glad I am not nursing! The second one is right behind it. (Actually when I picked him up today after I wrote this and saved it, the second one had already popped up)
9. He is learning to make lots of new sounds every day. He has mastered /d/, /b/, /z/, and is working on /m/, but his favorite sound to make is...wait for it....a GROWL. It is so weird! He growls all the time and it would be kind of creepy if he wasn't so darn cute!
10. He is really smart. I mean, I know he is a baby, and that I am somewhat biased when it comes to my own child's intelligence, but seriously! He is now figuring out cause and effect, e.g.: when I throw my paci, it falls. And Mommy picks it back up. How many times will she do that? For the record: 5. Then I am SO over the paci throwing game.
11. He sleeps 8-12 hours every night. It varies widely depending on many factors, but 8 hours is good enough for me! Sometimes during growth spurts he will need to eat during the night, but this is extremely rare. He also takes at least 2 long naps during the day. Sometimes it ends up being more like 4 short ones, but it works.
12. He is seriously the biggest flirt. He definitely loves the ladies and consequently gets a LOT of attention from them :)
13. He loves baths, and will splash and splash throughout the entire thing. The first time he did this, there was water ALL OVER the kitchen and I was rolling on the floor laughing. He does it mostly with his legs and he just keeps kicking and kicking. There is no stopping him once he gets going. He does not, however, like getting re-clothed. He would rather just be naked and shivering then have to put his arms in some type of clothing.
14. He sings and talks all the time at home. He is going to be just like me...and his talking is so funny. He gets emphatic and makes faces, then he talks softly and smiles. It seems like it is not just random babbling, but actual stories! I can't wait until he can actually tell me things!
15. I am almost ashamed to admit this. But as the Lord is doing a refining work in me I will learn to love my son in spite of this disgusting fact about him: He wants nothing more in this world than to suck on his own toes. I'm pretty sure that when his mind is idle, it floats away to toe-sucking every time. Perhaps he agrees with me and believes them to be tiny sausages.
So that is the gist of little Levi right now. There is much more to him, but this post is really long already. I will say this: We read to baby Levi every night from his Jesus Storybook Bible, and that is our most precious time with him. It is the best little book ever. It weaves the mystery and promise of Christ into every Old Testament story, and even as a baby, Levi is captivated by it. I am praying fervently that God will sow in his little heart a devotion to the Word, and a passionate love for Christ. He has the potential to be a powerful man of God, a warrior for the kingdom, and I will not stop petitioning the Lord for that very outcome. I have a weighty responsibility as his Mommy to point my precious son to the Father through my own life, and I intend to give everything I have. I will not be perfect. I am going to fall short daily. But my prayer is that I will be faithful to what God has called me to do in my family, for my husband and for my children. Pray for me, sweet friends! I so desperately want Him to be pleased with me! I want Him to be glorified in my relationship with Levi and with Sean. Pray that His name would be big in our house and that we would live out his mercy and grace to our children. And let me know how I can pray for you, too, friends!


The Texas Elliott's said...

oh the joys of being a mommy :) Levi is one adorable lil boy!

Kim Soto said...

Love this post! He is such a cutie and I really need to see him soon. :) You are doing a great job at being a mommy...keep it up!

Nancy said...

Oh my, this was a WONDERFUL post.
And the last part brought tears to my eyes.

What a blessing to read your story about little Levi.

You are so precious, Jenny.