Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Okay, so I hear You Lord! Forgive me for my unwillingness to trust You and believe your Word!

A sweet friend, Amber posted on her blog yesterday a letter that she had written to a friend struggling with contentment. It appears that is nagging at more than just my own heart through this season. I was blown away by the words she wrote, and how anointed they are. Let me share the parts that were particularly significant to me today:

““Wherever you are BE ALL THERE” This is a quote from one of the heroes of the Faith, Jim Elliot. I have held this motto since I first read it in college. It has helped me in times that seem “transitional” especially. It is easy to get caught up in what is going to be and TOTALLY miss out on what is happening that very day. It is easy to hope in tomorrow or hope in the next “season” and where it will take you and completely miss what is right there. People do this all the time, especially women, i.e. when you are single you want to be married, when you are married you want to have kids, when you have kids you want more kids or your own home, when you get both of those you want more time to yourself and with your husband. On and on the cycle goes, satisfaction placed in your own desires and not in what God has provided for you THAT day. Which leads me to my next thought:
Covetousness. Yes Covetousness. I use to think this meant wanting what someone else had, and it does. But ultimately it means “wanting/longing for something God has not provided for you in that moment in time.” Covetousness when played out in this scenario might lead you to not be thankful for what He HAS provide for you. Thankfulness generally squeezes out the sin of Covetousness that we all struggle with. Give Thanks to the Lord for HE is GOOD and His love endures forever! He has not forsaken you and will not put you to shame.
It is easy for us to think when we are in one place in life; the next place will be better. But be careful not to fool yourself that somehow God will provide more Joy for you in your next season (or wherever is next for you) than He has offered you today.”

I am thankful. I am thankful for a selfless, loving husband who is working HARD for our family. I am thankful for a beautiful baby boy that brings me more joy in the few precious hours I have with him than I could ever imagine. I wouldn't trade them for anything, or imply that they are not enough to provide joy for me throughout the day. I am thankful for an amazing family that would drop anything to help us and care for my boys and me. I am tremendously thankful for a sister-in-law who juggles 2 hungry, fussy, energetic baby boys all day so that I can feel peaceful at work, knowing my son is loved and safe, as well as a friend who does the same for me on Mondays. I am thankful for a job that allows me to be home early with my family and have tons of breaks to spend at home with L. I am thankful for precious friends that encourage me and lift me up daily. I AM thankful.

And I will make a choice every day to enjoy richly the joy that the Father has offered me TODAY.


ilovechefwilliam said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. What a great quote that you have shared today! Thank you for sharing your talent!

Nancy said...

Jenny, this is a such a wonderful post.

Thanks for sharing.

You're teaching us all.

jordanandrachel said...

I know you don't remember me very well, but I went to DBU with you. I was roomates with Natalie Oliveira at the time, now Kreifels. I love reading your blog, but this post especially touched my heart. I am a teacher as well, and my husband just got accepted to medical school-he starts in August. I am def the one in that stage of 'wanting to start a family' but we know it would not be wise this soon in the medical school journey, so we must wait. It is difficult for me as its something I am wanting more and more as the years pass. I am appreciative of your words that remind me to be all where I am and realize God's timing will be perfect. Thank you for the encouragement, I enjoy reading=)

Sarah Rogers said...

Jenny thank you for posting this and Amber for doing the same b/c I do the same thing and I really needed this encouragement...coming from DBU and not being married or having babies right now you know what I mean when everyone around you seems to "have it all" and you feel left behind, but I should be grateful for what the Lord has put in front of me right now...I don't know what He has planned for me in the future or if I'll even be here tomorrow for He hasn't promised it to me, so today right now I'm grateful for the life and breath in my body, the Lord's grace and mercy, my wonderful family who have always been there for me, and the wonderful friends He's brought into my life and who have encourged me along the way. Love you girl and I hope to see you and little Levi soon!

Sarah Rogers said...
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