Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow, so this has been a super crazy month for us! That's right, Levi is now officially one month old. When we went to the Dr for his one month checkup, he weighed 9 pounds, 6 ounces! So obviously we are not having a feeding problem, haha. He is a good eater! I have a wide range of emotions about this because he doesn't fit in his newborn diapers anymore, which makes me sad because he's not so little...but he is doing so many new things which makes me happy because we are getting to know each other better every day! So I am stuck with conflicting emotions!
Then, today Levi was sitting in his bouncy seat, and I was sitting on the floor next to the bouncy seat. We were playing the usual peek-a-boo and I was telling him what a good, big boy he is when this happened:

That's right! My baby smiled at me! He actually does love me! These were not the only two smiles, either. We had a big time smiling and being silly for a while. And then we went back to sleep! What a great morning for Mommy and Levi!

In other news, Levi's cousin Micah was born on Sunday! He is beautiful and TINY. We went up to the hospital early on Sunday and anxiously awaited the little man's arrival until 9:17pm, when he was born at 6 pounds 9 ounces. Levi was fast asleep when Micah was born, so they weren't able to actually meet until the next day. Here is a picture of the introduction:

They are going to be good friends. I could tell they loved each other right away :) Levi looked so BIG compared to his tiny cousin. I couldn't believe it, only a few pounds difference can make such a BIG difference. Rachael is doing well, and she and Stephen looked great. Stephen even changed a diaper like a pro. We are so happy for them, and can't wait to see how these two precious boys grow up. What a joy for our family!

So all in all, things are wonderful in the Campbell world! God is so good to us!

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Nancy said...

How sweet!!!

I LOVED seeing you all the other day!!!