Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Walls

The best email to reach Leah at for letters of your own is
You will love it!

I am so excited about this post and these pictures! But I am more excited about how cute my sweet baby boy's nursery looks!! This first picture is of the quote that my mom graciously slaved over getting on the wall. If you can't read it well, it says "Let him sleep for when he wakes, he will move mountains." That is such a precious truth to be displayed over our baby's bed. Levi is going to be an incredible man of God, anointed and set apart. I can't wait to see how he grows and to experience the amazing things he does for kingdom of God.

The next few pictures are my favorite. Let me tell you the story before you see the awesomeness. Several of you know a precious friend from DBU, Leah Combs (formerly Leah Mitchell) and have been able to experience her graciousness and talent. Well I had noticed on her Facebook page that she had these adorable wooden letters in her sweet baby Lyla's room that I hadn't seen before. I had seen wooden letters of course, but these had shadow boxes on them, or "shelves" as I called them in my message to her. (She didn't mention it though, hence the graciousness.) I looked EVERYWHERE for these letters online and in some stores, and couldn't find them anywhere. I finally decided just to ask Leah where she got them. (Sounds like the obvious solution, yes, but I have pregnancy dementia and can't always see what is right in front of my face.) Well in her message back to me, she let me know that she made them herself! Not only did she make them herself, but she offered to make them for my sweet baby boy! And they are beyond words. So let me let you see for yourself:

These are pictures of the letters before I "decorated" them with some things that Sean's grandma, my mom, and some close friends gave us. I was so pleasantly surprised with how amazingly beautiful they turned out!

Here they are with the few trinkets I decorated them with. The L has a little figurine that G-ma (Sean's grandma) gave Levi at the shower. The E has a stuffed bear given to him on a diaper cake by my sweet friend Michele Price. It says "my first bear" on it. Precious. The V has a piggy bank, also from G-ma, and it has a helicopter on it. G-ma's husband, Papa, who passed away before Sean and I met, was a helicopter pilot in the armed forces. I am VERY moved by that gift, because Levi will have a little part of his Papa in that small bank, the great-grandpa he never got to meet. And lastly, the I has some booties that my mom, Levi's Gigi, gave him. They have a space on the sole to write his weight, length, etc. They are so sweet. Mom has some with my info on them :) How cute.

Needless to say I am GIDDY about these letters! I am so excited! And if you would like to purchase some letters like these from Leah, she would love to make them! And you will NOT be disappointed. Here is her email if you are interested:
There is another email I have for her, but I wasn't able to find it. When I do, I will post it! And to Leah: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! You have blessed us beyond belief!


Kristina said...

Oh, WOW!!! No kidding, that was an awesome post and amazing 'letter cubes' and trinkets! Congratulations Jenny, you so deserve it all!! :)

Julia said...

These pictures are amazing! Levi is so blessed!!!