Sunday, August 23, 2009

So I had an AMAZING "Family and Close Family Friends Shower" this past weekend, and it was crazy cool. It was at my sister's new house, and she went all out for this extravaganza, people. It was so great! We played some funny games and I got to spend some time talking with some people I hadn't seen in SO long.

But before I get to some pictures of some of my awesome gifts, here is the picture of the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag that my cousin gave me for FREE. I love it, and it is my favorite baby item right now. Sometimes I just look at it...

This is a pic of the wall art that Sean's precious Aunt Pam got us. It goes perfectly with the nursery, and looks great up there! On the shelf are some blankets a sweet friend gave me, and the canvas basket is from my sister! Also, I don't know if you can tell, but there are two books on the shelf. One is from my pastors wife at my home church in Fort Worth, and it is called "God Gave Us You." I read it to Levi today, and we both really like it :) We both cried too...

The second book is from my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Hawkins. She was the best teacher I ever had, and one of the most influential people in my life. The book she gave me is called "The Big Blue Book of First Stories." It has several children's books in one volume, and is AWESOME.

This is the pac n play we got from my wonderful in-laws! It is really cool, and has so many cool things that go along with it. For example:

It has an "infant napper station" (or bassinet) and a changing table, so when I am in the living room or kitchen, I won't have to walk to the nursery and use that! Very convenient. And it also has:

A diaper stacker that holds a rather large box of wipes :) It is a full-service pac n play. And it matches and looks amazing with our stuff! Thanks Mimi and Pops! You guys are the best!

We also put up the quote that goes on the wall above the crib, but I didn't get a good pic of it. But trust me, it looks amazing. I will do that when the nursery is finished ;)

So there are officially only 70 days left until my due date. But the REAL news is that we are most likely going to induce labor on the 26th of October. That's only 65 days away! Sean, if any of you don't know this already, is in PA school, and is working incredibly hard to do well and to stay afloat. And it turns out, he has his HUGE anatomy final exam on the 29th of October! We are super nervous that if we don't get this sweet baby out before then it will come THAT DAY! We were pretty sure we wanted to induce early anyway, but this way we miss the final exam altogether. It is going to be rough for Sean any way we go because of school, but we have such wonderful super supportive friends and family that we know I will be well looked after! I have some really incredible people in my life that have offered (well, some have been enlisted, hehe) to stay home with me and do all the glamorous things that come along with a new baby like burping, changing dirty diapers, rocking the little screamer, etc. I know there are more people out there who are dying to do these things. I would be. Just let me know, haha.

Well, that's it for now. But there's always more to come!


Delaina said...

Love the name you guys picked out, so cute! I can't believe your doctor will already talk about induction, is there a health issue going on that they're concerned about? My doctor won't talk about any of that until much closer to the due date.

jordanandrachel said...

hey I dn't know if you remember me! I went to dBU, and I think we worked at ann taylor loft with natalie for a bit (actually I only worked one day and quit, lol!) but I enjoy reading blogs,and your baby stuff is exciting and cute! hope all is well=)