Monday, April 20, 2009

Okay, so most horrible, most wonderful day ever. On Saturday, I started having this horrible, burning, stabbing pain in my stomach, right below my chest and above my bellybutton. It got so bad that I was doubled over in pain, screaming out at the top of my lungs, much to my husbands delight, I'm sure. And probably my neighbors' as well. It felt like a stomach ulcer (not that I have ever had one of those, but if I had, that's what it would have felt like.) Or just really bad acid indigestion, but I HAVE had that before and this was nothing like that. Or so I thought...

So I went to Care Now to have them check me out and see what they could do for me. The doc came in for about 2 minutes, pressed on my belly and then left. She came back with this news: "You are pregnant, and you have severe abdominal pain..." Ummmmmmmm, ok, I told YOU that..... "So I'm going to send you to the ER." I'm sorry WHAT??!!?!?!??!?!? Pregnant lady's worst nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my sister took me to the Emergency room at Baylor Grapevine, and they were ready for me. They took me back, made me put on a "gown" (how can they even call it that?) and had me wait. Of course. A little while later, my 'rents showed up, and a little while after that, my in-laws showed up.

All the while, the father of my child is speaking at a DNow, wishing that the youth pastor would hurry up and let him speak!!!! But alas, there were games to be played. Who cares that your wife is in the ER, pregnant and in pain?

So the doc at the ER comes in and tells me they will run a few tests, do an ultrasound, and get back to me. They took some serious blood, and gave me a serious shot of morphine (praise the Lord) and let me wait in agony wondering if my sweet baby is going to be ok or not. AAArrrrGGHHHH. It was horrible. It wasn't very long, though before the quirky ultrasound tech, Kristie, came in. She was an interesting gal, for sure. But she did a wonderful job, and confirmed that my child was in fact ok. We got to see the little one doing flips, waving, and pretty much jumping all around in there. I was surprised I couldn't feel all of that! And Kristie, in all of her infinite ultra-sound tech wisdom, is pretty sure that we are having....A BOY! Wow, crazy. What am I going to do with a boy??? I am super happy, though. Boys are sweet :) And I hear they really love their mommies. I have to have another ultrasound in about 4-5 weeks just to make sure, because this is super early to know the sex. She was just telling me her opinion. And I appreciate that, Kristie. I do.

Sadly, Sean was still not here for this. Don't worry though, my mom, Sean's mom, and my sister were there. So they knew before he did. Bummer. Also, it was really frustrating because Kristie had the screen facing away from me the ENTIRE time, right up to the very end, so while the moms and my sister got a great show, I got NOTHING. Boo. I'm the one carrying the child, right?? Where's the justice??? It's ok, though, I got to hear the heartbeat and I did get to see the little kid, even if only for a moment.

All in all, it ended up being a very beneficial 5 hour trip to the Emergency Room. They determined it must be horrible, severe, incredibly painful acid indigestion. I'm still pretty sure it's an ulcer, because I have a lot of medical saavy, and tons of knowledge about the human body. But for now, I will trust Cameron, since he IS the ER doc/PA. They gave me some prescription antacids, and some serious pain meds to get me through the next week. I will be talking to my OB to see what my options are, though, as soon as I can.

So, praise the Lord for a healthy, very active baby boy! (We think. No one go out buying boy clothes or anything). I am so happy, and for the first time really getting excited about being this baby's mommy! Its amazing what seeing the little one can do for your outlook. Pray for me friends, that I will be able to get through this horrible pain and be able to function normally for the next 5 weeks! School doesn't stop for serious hearburn, people!


Amy said...

Yay...a boy!!!! Boys are so much fun! Just a warning though, my brother was told really early that he was having a boy and found out a few weeks later it was a girl...

Either way you'll be the greatest little mommy. Hope you are feeling better!

Delaina said...

I'm glad to hear you're ok!! I'm can't imagine how scary that must have been! It is amazing how much those little babies can move around and you can feel nothing! Give it a little time though, that little one will be keeping you up nights with a little tummy kickboxing :).

O and you are right, boys do love their mommies very much! They're absolutely precious!