Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Friday and Easter

So I watched The Passion of the Christ on Saturday (I decided I needed a little reminder about what is truly important in my life) and of course, I cried like a baby. But it really got me thinking about this coming season, and most importantly this coming weekend. Easter had never been one of my favorite holidays by any means, until recently. I guess I always thought it was kind of boring, eggs and bunnies and all the pastel colors, ugh. I am not a fan of pastel colors.

But watching the movie this weekend reminded me of how in recent years Easter has become possibly my MOST favorite holiday. Not because of the pastels, mind you. Or the eggs and bunnies. But because the event that we celebrate the second Sunday in April changed my entire life. It is the single most important date in history, once and for all, and most definitely the most important in my short life. This is the date, 2000 years ago, when my life, my very soul hung in the balance of eternity, and Jesus rescued me. It wasn't on a white horse, and I wasn't even born yet. But the blood that was shed that day covers me still.

In 2 Samuel 14:14, the Scripture says "Like water spilled on the ground that cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life. Instead, He devises ways that a banished man may not remain estranged from Him."

Not only did Jesus provide the ultimate reconciliation between myself and Almighty God, but God created this love story of history, devising a way that I might not remain estranged from Him. All things before this led up to this point. He didn't just throw this together last minute (although even if He did I would be eternally grateful), but He devised a way to bring me back to Him. It took thought, and effort, and desire, and He did it anyway. It makes me sad that I can't really remember a time when I have actually devised a plan to get closer to God. When I have used my human smarts to make a plan that would foster intimacy with Him. And yet God pooled all of His infinite knowledge and wisdom to create the perfect plan of atonement for me. I'm overwhelmed by that.

You know, if the mercy and grace of God ended there, at the cross, that would be enough for me. But it didn't. And it won't end now, or any time soon. God's loving compassion knows no end, has no boundaries. My husband, my family, our home, and all the other blessings in our lives are proof of this. Praise the Lord for his eternal goodness, for His mercies that are new every morning!

So my prayer for this week, and this weekend, is this: That God would keep me near the cross. That I would spend my time there, working out what it means for me every day. I pray that it would never get old, never get commonplace for me. Or for you, friends. Don't worry, I'll get to Sunday sometime this week :) I won't forget about the celebration that awaits us on Easter morning. But for now, lets think about the cross...

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Linda said...

Your reminders and perspective on Easter gave me chills as I read it. God has given you great wisdom and understanding. I thank God for you! love you, girl!
Linda Morris